With the commitment of confidentiality items we have signed with customer, we do not elaborate on the name of the customers.

  Since the establishment of our company in 2004, we have succeeded in serving with several large-scale state-owned enterprises, large-scale private enterprise, public companies and transnational energy companies. We hunted candidates for various positions concerning company management aspects including:

Electric Power:
 President, Vice-President, GM of financing, GM of investment, Assistant of President, Financial Director, GM of power plant, Production Manager of power plant, Investment Project Manager, Financial Manager of power plant, wind-power Project Manager, BD Manager, and power group Information Manager.

 Mining Segment:
  President & Vice President of mining industry group, Vice General Manager of investment of group, General Mine Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Strategic Planning Manager, Senior Manager of legal affairs, Investment Project Manager, fuel traffic Manager, Operation Project Manager, HSE Director, Senior Geologist, Senior Manager of overseas coal-electricity unity project, Deputy General Manager of Coal Transportation & Marketing, Chief Engineer of Geologist, GM of mining trading。

 Equipment Supply:
Deputy GM of power equipment, Sales Director, Senior Sales Manager, Operation Director, GM of mechanical manufacturing industry

Petroleum Chemical& Natural Gas:
Deputy GM of natural gas, President of chemical group, Project Manager of drilling, Senior Geologist, Chief Engineer of natural gas designing, Business GM, financial Deputy GM, Vice President of large-scale chemical industrial park, Chief Engineer of large-scale coal chemical industry, LNG General Manager, Deputy GM of storage and transportation of oil, GM of energy trading, Group CIO, Senior HR Manager, GM of gas company, Chief Engineer of gas project designing

New Energy:
Vice-President of group, Deputy GM of investment of group, Wind power Project Manager, Purchase Manager, solar water heater Design Manager, GM& Chief Engineer of biomass power, GM of investment of new energy, Project GM of solar power.

Environmental Protection:
Vice-President of group, Project Manager of desulphurization, Project Manager of waterworks, Project GM of wastes power generation,General Manager of investment, Chief Engineer of sewerage treatment, Project GM of energy conservation.

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