Step 1 Analyze demand
1. Establish project team when receiving order;
2. Analyze industry, position and the advantages and disadvantages of client in such industry;
3. Confirm and analyze client's competitors;
4. Determine head-hunting strategies;
Client should
a. Define demand and expectation.
b. Provide background and experience of potential candidate.
c. Provide detailed position description and company's introduction.
d. Appoint chief interviewer who will participate in interviewing the candidates.

Step 2 Sign contract
1. Provide client with head-hunting strategies;
2. Sign cooperative agreement with client, to ensure the rights and obligations of both sides to the greatest extent;

Step 3 Screen & interview candidates
1, Start hunting, determine preliminary candidates;
2, Assess skill of preliminary candidates;
3, Select qualified candidates and carry on first interview so as to know the candidate better;
4, Select suitable candidate and recommend to client within ten working days.
The client should
a. Interview first group of the recommended candidates;
b. Give feedback of interview result to us.

Step 4 Screen candidates (if fail to find the suitable candidate on the third stage)
1, Adjust head-hunting strategies and qualification requirement of target candidates according to the first interview result and so on.
2, Proceed with searching and screening candidate for the second time;
3, Interview second group of candidates and recommend to client.
The client should
a. Interview second group of candidates;
b. Pick candidates who meet the requirement and arrange second interview so as to determine the final candidate.

Step 5 Investigate candidate background
1, Do background investigation of selected candidate
2, Determine detailed working hours and pay package of selected candidate;
3, Pay service fees within two weeks which candidate takes up duty

Step 6 Tracking service
1, Follow up candidate's work performance.
2, Shall this candidate resigns or fails to meet client's requirement during probationary period, we will be responsible to recommend another candidate.

Step 7 Communicating and coordinating
Follow up candidate's work performance, assist client to communicate with selected candidate and help selected candidate to adapt to new working environment as soon as possible from the professional view


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